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Olde Masters Galleria Presents:

Alla Prima Workshop

7 May 2017 12-5 PM

March Workshop

This workshop will be a special Palm Sunset one day alla prima workshop.  I have two sunsets for you to choose from. My demo will be for the blue hawaiian sunset.

March Workshop
Why this workshop is special is becasue 75% of my profits will be donated to the Lukemia Foundation and will also help my friend Hyacinth Paul in her drive for this great cause. In this workshop you will learn how to have fun blending with oil while forming clouds and the construction of a palm tree.   You will come away with a beautiful painting that will endure for generations!  
Cost: $75. Bring your own canvas. Supplies provided for additional $25.

Space is limited so click HERE to reserve your easel today!

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Olde Masters Galleria can take your damaged paintings and repair them in a permanent way, or in the museum method non-permanent. Paintings with rips, tears and holes can be restored to look like new.




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