Winter Landscape Workshop

2-day Flemish Winter Landscape

Saturday and Sunday, 5-6 November 2016

11 AM - 4 PM , break for lunch. BYOL

Learn to paint a winter landscape using the Flemish layering method- no experience required. Cecilia Brendel has a unique way to teach any level with her step by step approach. You will be learning how the old masters painted in a layering method to create the translucent effect in an oil painting.  In this workshop you will learn how to blend colors and use mediums to paint a winter landscape. So much knowledge in just one intense workshop. Cecilia Brendel has learned from the greatest masters of yesterday and  today. Included in this workshop is a small package of painting products from Gamblin - featured sponsor of Olde Masters Galleria.  Students will recieve a digital scan of their painting and 10 greeting cards. You will come away with a beautiful landscape that will be cherished for generation! Reservations today! Cost of the workshop is $150. Click here to reserve your spot! A list of supplies will be emailed out once you have signed up.

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