Olde Masters Galleria

Olde Masters Galleria

Visit us in Centerville to explore and purchase outstanding fine art by John Pototschnik, Cecilia Brendel, Bob Rhoads, Charlene Roake, Diane Lindon Coy, Charles Jiao, Virgil Elliott, and Brenda Stearns. Resident artists Jack Feverston, June Ovington, Jan Moran, Patti Burnell, Bethany Steffins, Gary Coy, and Judy Graf also have artwork on display for purchase. The gallery features many pieces for sale including landscapes, still lifes, birds, western themes, florals, portraits and abstracts. There are many high quality reproductions of Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, Bierstadt, Rembrandt, and Duncanson - all created here. The online galleries show a limited sample of our artwork. Visit us to see more!

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About Olde Masters Galleria

OMG Olde Masters Galleria was founded by Centerville artist Cecilia Brendel in 2011. The gallery has grown to included many recognized artists from the local community and beyond. Resident artists enjoy studio space, comradery with fellow artists, and a place to showcase their work. Located just off of Ohio 48, next to Dairy Queen, the gallery regularly offers oil painting workshops and other events.

Learn about workshops and other programs that will help you advance in drawing or oil painting. Stop by and explore!

Private Rooms and Easel Space

Olde Masters Galleria offers workspaces for aspiring and established artists. Lease an entire private room to create and display your art, or rent an easel in the community room. Either way, you become a member of a growing community of artists. Inquire below to learn more about the various opportunities and benefits.

Space is limited - check it out now!

Resident Artist and Fine Art Classes


The Resident Artist Program provides aspiring artists with dedicated space to paint, learn, and grow. In addition, private fine art classes are available for beginner to advanced oil painters.


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