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Karen Arthurs

Karen Arthurs grew up in the Dayton area,and received her Associate of Fine Arts degree from Sinclair Community College. In her early adulthood, her love of historical fashion and the past led her to become involved in doing portraits for 18th century re-enactors in the Ohio region. After moving to Illinois (where she now resides), she began educating herself in perfecting the art of mixed media. She strives to portray young women and girls in innovative ways, and renders the beautiful faces of people and animals through her use of collage materials and acrylics. Karen collects antique lace, vintage handkerchiefs, Japanese papers,gold leaf, and found materials to incorporate them into her unique paintings.

Her work exemplifies her appreciation of the delicacy of natural beauty. Karen's work is influenced by the master painter Gustov Klimt, the Pre-Raphaelites from the 19th century, and modern artists Juliette Belmont and Olga Suvorova. Olde Masters Galleria is proud to have several of Karen's paintings on display - and available for purchase.

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