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Call to Artists

Olde Masters Galleria is pleased to announce online art exhibitions. Online exhibitions offer artists a way to showcase their work and to participate in juried art shows without the expense of shipping artwork or travel. Click the Program Details link to learn more. Solo shows are now available. Showcase your work online for 30 days, for a nominal fee. Visitors will be able to contact you (via secure email) about your work. Fill out the Solo Show Application for more details.

No announcements are availalble at this time. Check back soon!


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Olde Masters Galleria Online Exhibition
Program Details

RegistrationClick the Entry Form to register for the show. It requires only your name and email address. There is no fee to register.
Upload ImagesAfter registration, you will recieve instructions to upload your artwork for the show.
SelectionOnce you have uploaded your images, a jury process will be used to accept or decline your artwork. You will be notified by email.
FeesThere is no fee to register and upload images for jury selection. Many shows will not have an entry fee. For those that do, you will recieve payment instructions in your acceptance notification.
AwardsSome shows are judged by a prominent artist, and many shows will have recognition or monetary awards. See the show description for specific details.
Enjoy ShowThe show will be visible on the internet for the period given in the show description. For a judged show, the awards will appear after completion of the judging and notification of the winners.
Selling ArtworkYou will have the option to show a selling price for your artwork, and allow visitors to contact you about purchasing. We use a blind email process to relay visitor contact information to you. You will recieve an email with the vistors name, email address, and message. You will then have the option to contact the visitor on your own.